Alam Althrwa is driven by its core value which are build on a strong foundation of operational excellence, transparency, loyalty from diverse stake holders in UAE & Mena Region with diversified experience in the field of Oil and Gas, Bitumen, trading into various products and equipment’s which comes under portfolio of General trading in United Arab Emirates.
Alamalthrwa, was founded in 2005. Over the years of our experiences, Alamalthrwa has managed to build up a steadfast development in several fields such as petroleum products, building material, medical equipment, tourism, property, and so forth. Thanks to the close relationship we have with international suppliers we have started a partnership and healthy business relationships globally in oil and gas fields. As a petroleum trading company, we have started investing in partnerships and healthy business relationships globally and we always rely on the latest and the most innovative supply chain methods that caused our products and services to be compliant with major standards.